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Today´s Winning Team

C. Landstrom J. Johnsrud, A. Norberg, H. Edsband


N. T. P. Winner

F. Normann

Silver Category Winners

J. Johnsrud, L. Johnson

N.T.P. and 2'S Winners

F. Normann, A. Norberg

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Leaders of Society Golf on the Costa Blanca
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  • 6/3/24 El Plantio
  • 13/3/24 Altorreal
  • 20/3/24 Alicante Golf
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La Finca Results  16/8/23


All of todays winners  


Gold Category Results

1st S. Svenson  31 points

Silver Category Results

1st J. Hillier   38 points  


N.T.P.,s and 2,s Winners


J. Dean Hole 16 and the only 2 this week
J. Hillier Hole13


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